People and Plants—Knowing our ecosystem

At Scientist for Tomorrow, we assess ourselves by measuring the success and impact we have on the community. We motivate ourselves to create a community of innovation and curiosity. Most importantly, we pride ourselves when make a difference, connect students to all that revolves around science and change their lives.
I believe humans are born scientists. As infants we start exploring our world, experimenting with objects, and learning about the mechanics of life. Soon after we mature, the mind of a scientists erodes because of some external influence that says “You can’t do that, you are not smart enough.” The dreams of many children are quickly destroyed and lose interest with science. Majority of the children grow up to be disconnected from the planet and everything that revolves around science. We, as humanity, must do our best to learn about the planet Earth. What best way to start with People and Plants! Our mission with this project is to bring that curiosity back, and connect them closer to Earth.
People and Plants will connect students to learn about our planet’s ecosystem by exposing them knowledgeably, to atmospheric activity, biodiversity and natural resources. Ultimately drawing a big picture and helping students understand that everything in this world is connected; one action–being harmful or good– will have an effect on the planet’s environments. We hope that this project will change the students way of thinking, so when they grow up and become adults, they will take more care of the planet Earth.
Ignacio Mendez

Happy Holidays!!

Scientists for Tomorrow  would like to wish you a happy holiday season.

Thank you for all for your appreciation and support to the project. For the last three years, Scientists for Tomorrow has been growing their community partners to offer unique STEM programming across Chicago and suburban communities. Thank you and may the magic of science this holiday season remain with you throughout 2014.

Here is a great book to read this holiday season by Roger Highfield, The Physics of Christmas.

Happy Holidays!!!





Thank you for coming to our JRS, ComEd Youth Ambassadors & Scientists for Tomorrow Symposium

The participants from the Junior Research Scientists, ComEd Youth Ambassadors and James Hedges Elementary School, Scientists for Tomorrow would like to thank you for joining us at the JRS Symposium.

Our participants worked so hard in the course of  three weeks, to make these presentations a successful one. We would like to thank the participants for their continued dedication and hard work to these projects.

Also, we would like to thank our partners, staff, community members and parents for joining us in celebrating the work of our participants. 

Thank you!