8th grade/High school Spring 2015 Programs

2015 Spring Programs- 8th Grade Girls
After School Matters (ASM) is looking for 8th grade girls who attend James Hedges Elementary to participate in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) after school program, Scientists for Tomorrow. Girls must attend Hedges in order to participate.
- Learn about the Physics of Music and build three musical instruments using hand tools.
- Participate and present at the STEAM Conference May 2, 2015 where they will get a certificate and recommendation letter.
- Visit and explore the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for free with their families at the Family Science Day May 23, 2015
- Learn about other programs where high school teens get paid to learn and have FUN through After School Matters!
Contact dcortes@scientistsfortomorrow.org

High School Teen STEM Program
The Junior Research Scientists program at Columbia College Chicago is looking for teens interested in learning about Astronomy, Solar Energy and other STEM related topics. The program begins in February and runs Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:30 to 7:30pm at Columbia College Chicago.
- Design, engineer, and build solar power and astronomy based projects!
- Conduct college level research and science projects in a college setting. Gain real work experience and work with established scientists.
- Teens conduct collaborative research projects and increase their competence in conducting scientific investigations by designing and building personalized products such as a programmable solar powered rover and a desktop planetarium (nanotarium).
- Participants present their results of their engineering designs and research through oral presentations supplemented with PowerPoint slides and physical models in a public symposium at the College. The symposium is attended by participants’ friends and family, members of the scientific, engineering, and artistic communities, and the community at large.
- Attend and present at the STEAM Conference May 2, 2015
To apply register at http://afterschoolmatters.org/teens
Look for: Junior Research Scientists-Columbia College Chicago
This is an Advanced Apprenticeship and participants will be eligible for a small stipend through After school Matters. For more information contact eoropeza@scientistsfortomorrow.org





Fall 2014 Survey

We are officially days away from ending our fall Scientists for Tomorrow (SfT) program. To continue our efforts to better facilitate SfT programming in your site, we would like to get your feedback on your experience with the program.

​For our Community Partners Meeting, December 19, we will discuss on some of the answers from the survey below. ​Directors and Coordinators who will implement Scientists for Tomorrow in the Winter 2015 and Summer of 2015 need to participate.

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Food Patriots Project at the Community Schools

Scientists for Tomorrow in collaboration with Food Patriots, is offering an opportunity for your community organizations to have their sites learn about food choices and be featured in the media. This Saturday, December 6, 2014 at the Family Science Day, Emmy award winner, Jeff Spitz will join us to talk about the Food Patriot project.

Food Patriots Project

Touched by their teenage son’s battle with a foodborne superbug, filmmakers Jeff & Jennifer Spitz document their family’s struggle to raise backyard chickens, grow food, and transform into Food Patriots.  This film features inspiring stories about ordinary people who are changing the way consumers think about food for the better.

Concerned over the long-term health threats to young people today, many parents and teachers realized that food habits start with the young and are hard to change. The Food Patriots film and education program in collaboration with Scientists For Tomorrow aims to inspire a young generation of eaters to make better food choices and to engage their parents and communities in conversations about  healthier food choices. Food Patriots offers a practical approach and culturally relevant solutions to eating better and saving money.  This is a tool for any community centers that wants to start this conversation.

If your community sites would like to be part of the Food Patriot project please contact evelyn@scientistsfortomorrow.org

To learn more about Food Patriots visit www.foodpatriots.com

Food Patriots Cover Image

Community Partners Meeting December 19 Summary


 On December 19, 2014 Scientists for Tomorrow hosted its Community Partners meeting at Columbia College Chicago.
The goal of the meeting was to introduce the new partners that joined us for the Winter – Spring 2015 session as well as to discuss the new developments that will take place during this period. More than 30 representatives from 14 Community Based Organizations (CBO) participated in the meeting.
After the introductions, the community partners participated in an activity – Building an Ultra Violet Light with simple materials. The objective of the activity was to demonstrate that it is simple to work together as a community than to be isolated making an activity. Then we described the program and the division of the responsibilities between Scientists for Tomorrow and the CBO’s, to ensure the success of the program.

To finalize, we discussed the logistics needed for the implementation of the module, “The Physics of Sound and Mathematics of Music” for the 34 sites. The discussion included the professional development training dates, the STEAM conference on May 2 and the next Family Science Day, at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on May 23.
At the end of the meeting all the participants had a clear idea of what to expect for the next six months!!!  For more information on how to incorporate Scientists for Tomorrow in your  community center or school, contact info@scientistsfortomorrow.org