Alternative Energy


October through mid-December-participants will design and build a solar-powered cart. Hands-on activities will include building chasses and photovoltaic solar arrays. In conducting these investigations participants will develop technical skills like soldering, reading schematics, cutting and gluing wood. Participants will also learn to calculate the number of solar cells needed to provide a desired output to design a photovoltaic solar array (by connecting photovoltaic cells in series and parallel to provide the desired electrical energy output); and they will enhance their scientific skills in designing and conducting experiments.

Benefits: The Scientists for Tomorrow Alternative Energy Module is hands on, unique and fun. Each participant will take home their very own solar powered car which they will personally build in class. Our curriculum encourages inquiry style learning while working cooperatively with peers.
In this constructive environment, participants develop higher-order thinking skills as they explore, problem solve, and construct products. Scientists for Tomorrow fosters an increased awareness and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.