In the third period from March through mid June participants will explore the relationship between people and plants, and investigate the equilibrium existent in our biosphere (water cycle, carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle) that ensures our existence on the planet. Through various experiments to investigate the better conditions for growing plants, participants will acquire new information to design and build a greenhouse and a vertical garden to showcase their knowledge and take home.

Participants will learn the basic principals of photosynthesis, how to check the pH of soil and water, measure plant growth and observe plant structure. In completing these investigations, youth will be aware how pollution affects plant and animal life. Furthermore understand the value of different types of energy sources; Solar energy, Chemical energy, Kinetic energy, and Thermal energy. Participants will also investigate how to conserve and preserve plant life and learn how humans rely on plants; oxygen for breathing, food for eating, medicines for treating disease, and recreational needs (gardening, sports, shelter and clothing).