Instructors helping Students in STEM Scientists for Tomorrow offers many opportunities for teachers and educators to teach modules fostering science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at the community schools and centers.

With in-depth lesson plans, video tutorials and professional development trainings, Scientists for Tomorrow supports and empowers educators and communities to become knowledgeable in engineering methods, deepening the awareness of environmental topics and issues with the youth and families.

The responsibility of the instructor includes: Generating and supporting a relationship with the participants in the program as well as their parents; Contributing in various academic outreach programs  in all the informal science education activities (Including Family Science Days which are held-Saturdays); Teach weekly to participating students at the site; and attend all Professional Developments.

If you are passionate about teaching and learning Science:
The minimum requirements are: Associate degree or at least two year of college in a four year higher institution degree.

Preferred requirement: Ba or BSc degrees in a science oriented career or education.