Scientists for Tomorrow Family Science Day

Thank you all for coming to the Scientists for Tomorrow Family Science Day at the Museum of Science and Industry. We hope you enjoyed your time here and learned something new. Below is an article from one of our Columbia College Chicago international students who wrote about her experience.

On February 24th, 2018,  Scientists for Tomorrow hosted the 8th annual Family Science Day event at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). As one of the members of the Scientists for Tomorrow team, I had a fantastic experience working with the families at the museum. In the morning families went to the auditorium hall waiting to explore the exhibits and activities held at the museum. Associate Professor, Marcelo Caplan, and Evelyn Oropeza, Coordinator of Community Engagement from Columbia College Chicago welcomed all of the participants and revised the agenda for the day. College students from Columbia College Chicago and Richard J. Daley College also participated as volunteers to help guide the families to the exhibits and activities.

One of the events that MSI showcased in the main level was the Black Creativity Career Showcase where science experts came to do demonstrations on various topics to the public. Several tables occupied the whole center to embody various activities which people could try themselves. I found that a group of people concentrated on the explanation of the activities, and once the volunteer tried to do the activity, everyone tried it!

At the Baby Chick Hatchery there were many children who wanted to see the baby chicks hatch in warm temperature. Many of the students were excited as they leaned against the windows to observe the environment of the hatchery. It was the first time for many parents and children to see this process.

The Microtronics workshop held in the Labs of the museum, was a great experience for the participants to explore the basics of programming using Ardublock and Arduinos. High school students from the Junior Research Scientists program from Columbia College Chicago funded by After School Matters, presented these workshops throughout the event. Three to five children sat around the table with a student presenter and tried to figure out how to turn on either three of the LED lights using code.

Each group member had a schedule to explore specific exhibits and activities relating to the modules that were being taught in the Scientists for Tomorrow programs. The Family Science Day proved to be a success. We would like to thank all of the participants and community leaders for joining us in the activities as well as the collaboration from the MSI staff members.

The Scientists for Tomorrow, Family Science Day event is held once a year at the Museum of Science and Industry. Every year parents and students are engaged, passionate and work together to learn about the resources available at the museum.

By: Yuanpeng Feng

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