Science Community at Lincoln Park Zoo by Columbia College Chicago

Scientists for Tomorrow presented the Balloon Powered Cart and LED Night Light workshops at Fiesta Familiar 2016. These workshops were hosted by Hoy, the largest Hispanic newspaper in the Midwest. For the fourth year in a row, Scientists for Tomorrow returned to the Lincoln Park Zoo to participate in the event. Every year, the event brings together both scientific and artistic communities from the whole of Chicago in a unique festival that celebrates the Hispanic culture in the Midwest. Groups from these communities conducted activities at Lincoln Park Zoo in a creative and interesting way. As always, the scientific community is committed to practicing the ability to create. In addition, this event provided a good opportunity to learn about science.

The first activity taught attendees how to construct an LED Nightlight. Which, when held together at both ends, produced a dim red light. In all other instances, this light would not occur. Holding the ends together allowed an electric charge to connect and transmit through the device, powering the LED. Children and parents alike marveled at the opportunity to produce light on demand, and with a simple set of tools, everyone was able to do it with ease.

The second activity was even more popular, as groups of tens, twenties, even thirties showed up to participate in the activity and learn something new. This new knowledge they would acquire would be the foundation to create a balloon-powered vehicle. While it may be a simple idea, it developed the opportunity for improvement and creativity. Attendees were able to build their very own unique car, and then test how far it would go. They now had a base understanding of the science behind how the car works. With this understanding they could potentially explore new ideas and techniques in an attempt to make the car travel farther. This is the ideology that Scientists For Tomorrow presents to all of our students.

We thank those who came out for their continued engagement and passion while participating in this event. As well as the students from Columbia College Chicago who were always willing to help. We are glad we got to see you!

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