The Robotics SfT program is a series of modules where participants will immerse in the world of machines and robots. For the first module, Intro to Robotics: Machine vs. Robots,  participants will build Mousetrap Carts, Art Bot and RoboBugs. From learning the difference between machines and robots to using teamwork to design and test robots, participants will learn new skills in programming and a new appreciation for the technology used all around us. This module will not only teach participants new skills, but also expose them to different fields in STEAM-oriented subjects and careers.

The Scientists for Tomorrow Robotics modules are hands on, unique and fun. Each participant will take home machines and robots that were constructed in class, which increases engagement in the learning.  Our curriculum encourages inquiry style learning while working cooperatively with peers. In this constructivist environment, students develop higher-order thinking skills as they explore, problem solve and construct products. Scientists for Tomorrow fosters an increased awareness and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This summer, the program is specifically designed to empower adolescent girls to realize their potential and pursue STEM- related classes and careers.

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