Guatemala gets a glimpse of Scientists for Tomorrow

Marcelo Caplan in collaboration with the Organization of American States OEA, worked alongside Dr.  Waleska Aldana Segura, professor from the Universidad San Carlos de  Guatemala. She is one of the 50 extraordinary women selected by the State Department to visit the USA in a program called Hidden No More – Empowering Women STEM Leaders.
The Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures” has been shown at U.S. embassies around the world as dozens of countries have requested showings to inspire their girls …

In collaboration with Dr. Aldana Segura, Marcelo Caplan organized and conducted several workshops for her students learning to be Science Elementary Teachers. All the workshops where conducted through video conference communication technology, but  in the same way as if the students and him where in the same room. He sent in advance the list of materials needed for the projects and during the workshop ( two hours each) they discussed the topics and built the projects. Following the methodology, Marcelo Caplan implemented two workshops: Ultraviolet Spectrum and Playing with Newton Laws.

The third event was a Concert Conference in collaboration with Dr. Julian Felix from the University of Guanajuato Mexico, Dr. Aldana Segura from Guatemala. On October 2nd, with the contribution of a string quartet, Dr Felix introduced the Physics of the Music, as Marcelo Caplan implemented a series of experiments in collaboration with the musicians and the public.

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