The 2017 STEAM Conference

CHICAGO (May 24, 2017) – More than 500 students and families attended the 2017 STEAM Conference held at Northeastern Illinois University, May 20th, 2017. A collaborative effort between Northeastern Illinois University’s TRiO Upward Bound Math and Science program and Columbia College Chicago’s Community Engagement STEAM initiative, “Scientists For Tomorrow,” the event featured 26 parallel workshops, presented by elementary, high school, college students and parents. All participants who attended the conference came from over 44 schools from different neighborhoods in Chicago and suburbs.

Thank you to all the schools & centers that attended: 

  1. Chicago Academy Elementary School
  2. Afton Lakeland Elementary
  3. James Wadsworth Elementary School
  4. Socorro Sandoval Elementary School
  5. Tarkington School of Excellence
  6. Edward N. Hurley Fine Arts & Performing Arts Magnet Cluster
  7. Aspira School
  8. Roosevelt Middle School
  9. Al Raby High school
  10. Mary Gage Peterson Elementary
  11. John F. Eberhart Elementary School
  12. Lane Technical College Prep High school
  13. Sawyer Elementary School
  14. Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School
  15. Alessandro Volta Elementary School
  16. Austin College & Career Academy
  17. John C. Haines
  18. Birmingham Covington School
  19. George B. Armstrong International Studies Elementary School
  20. Benjamin E. Mays Elementary Academy
  21. Gemini Junior High school
  22. Foundations College Prep
  23. Morgan Park Academy
  24. James Shields Middle School
  25. Komensky Elementary
  26. Maine West High School
  27. William S. Burroughs
  28. Unity Junior High school
  29. Rosario Castellanos Elementary School
  30. Horace Greeley Elementary School
  31. Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  32. Rauner College Prep
  33. Madero Middle School
  34. Angleton High school
  35. Nathan S. Davis Elementary School
  36. Rowe Elementary School
  37. ACT Now Illinois Coalition
  38. UIC College Prep
  39. Morton West
  40. LULHS
  41. Westin House High School
  42. Eli Whitney Elementary School
  43. Infinity Math, Science & Technology  High school
  44. Little Village Academy

Presenters who participate in pre-college academic community engagement programs; Scientist for Tomorrow, Junior Research Scientists and Pathways Initiatives, spent the last month preparing their workshops for the event.

Workshops included:

  1. Mouse Trap Car “Construyendo un carro propulsado por una ratonera”
  2. Magic Brain “El Cerebro Magico”
  3. Balloon Powered Cart
  4. LED Designer Jewelry
  5. Bobalicious LED Lamp
  6. Reuse and Recycle
  7. Microtronics – Robotics you can afford!!!
  8. Robotics Autonomous programming
  9. Microcontroller programming
  10. Robot Wars
  11. Rockets
  12. Calculator Robot
  13. Movie making with stop animation
  14. Manual Pinball
  15. Underwater ROV exploration
  16. Lighting the Way, the Boba Straw Lamp
  17. Folding, Fanning, Flying!
  18. Let’s get to know Science
  19. Build a Spinning Motor!
  20. Launching Rockets … The Sky’s the limit
  21. Building a Robotic Arm
  22. Charging the battery with the Sun
  23. Microtronics – Robotics you can afford!!!
  24. Game Development with Motion Activation
  25. Robotics Autonomous programming
  26. Robot Wars
  27. App Development
  28. Music editing and production
  29. Arduino Circuitry
  30. Underwater ROV exploration
  31. Building a Robotic Arm
  32. Microtronics – Robotics you can afford!!!

Since its launch in 2010, the STEAM Conference has grown steadily in the last two years to include nearly one-thousand students from a variety of communities throughout the city of Chicago. Every year the conference continues to inspire and encourage  underrepresented minorities to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). To learn how you can support the event next year contact or call 312-563-7111

2017 STEAM Conference Summary