Scientists for Tomorrow families explore the Nature Museum

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum along with Scientists for Tomorrow welcomed children and parents for a day of hiking and learning about the wonders of nature.

Held on June 4th, 2016, the families consisting of 179 people participated in workshops consisting of the aptly named activities; Bugs Alive, Project Squirrel, Habitat Explorers, and various Self Guided Explorations (including the butterfly room).

Bugs Alive showed kids that while some bugs should not be touched there are many that are quite safe (even if they are creepy, slimy, and crawly). Project Squirrel started off by learning about the different squirrels native to America, followed by assigning everyone the honorary title of Citizen Scientist; where they were invited to continue the study of research on squirrels through the website  The Habitat Explorers Workshop gave the families a chance to learn about all the mini habitats around the museum. The Self-Guided Explorations gave everyone a chance to enjoy the elusive nature of Chicago at their leisure.

Feedback from Participants
“I wish I got a chance to touch the squirrels.”
“This is the most interesting plant museum I’ve ever seen.”
“This place is amazing. I will totally come again.”
“This was the coolest day ever!”
“Very good museum I want to come again.”
“Very interesting for kids and earth lovers!”

About The Peggy Notebaert Museum – The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is the public face of the Chicago Academy of Sciences. Having been founded in 1857, for 160 years the academy has been a place for scientists and nature enthusiasts to examine and share the specimens they have collected.  With it’s national and international reputation for leadership in conservation, it’s collections, and citizen science, the museum shares its knowledge by connecting the citizens of Chicago to nature and science using captivating exhibits, family events and in-depth education programs. With it’s 390,000 piece collection, it has been dubbed the first Museum in the West.

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