“Science Family Day” at the Museum of Science and Industry

On Saturday, December 1st, 2012, over 340 community members attended the Museum of Science and Industry. Event participants included teens from partnering Chicago community organization sites and their parents, associated program instructors, MAT students and community leaders. During Fall of 2012, participants associated with the Scientists for Tomorrow program completed the 10-week, Module 1 -Alternative Energy Technologies: Building a Solar-Powered cart. The MSI event was designed to expand on this foundation and encourage youth to share their knowledge with their communities within a dynamic museum environment. The event was orchestrated in collaboration with the MSI’s Dr. Rabiah Mayas, Director of Science and Integrated Strategies.

During the event the participants focused on exploring exhibits and implementing hands-on activities. For the exploration of the museum’s exhibits, the MSI staff designed an “Energy Activity Booklet” that allowed the youth and their parents the systematic exploration of selected exhibits. Also the participants had the opportunity to build a solar powered lamp, in a Make and Take session, and meet STEM professionals in Junior Science Cafes.

MSI event December 1 final report v1-2pdf.